“Knowledge alone does not guarantee success.  Knowledge must be applied to lead to success.”  — Mary Romeo

Mary Romeo & Associates philosophy

A single drop of water can ripple endlessly into the larger body where it lands.  Similarly knowledge, skills and abilities learned and applied can ripple through your business leading to success.

Mary Romeo has over 4 decades of experience in academia, Baldrige assessments, the military and Corporate America.  Coupled with her degrees and experiences in education, leadership, process improvement and andragogy (the science of adult learning), she not only diagnoses the business solutions to bring you the best return on investment, she can design the perfect solution and deliver it in a way that everyone can embrace and apply.

There is no greater gift to give yourself, your business or your employees than the gift of applied learning.  Develop your people with personal development, leadership skills, process improvement or strategic planning skills, and not only will your business benefit, each person who participates also benefits. The ripples are endless and everyone succeeds!